Types of Banks

There is probably no person who is not aware of the existence of such institutions as banks. I think everyone knows that this is where you can get a loan or set up your own bank account, which will affect our money. However, not many of us know how many types of banks we have on the market today. In the banking system, several basic types of banks can be mentioned, which differ in how they operate. These include the central bank, operational banks, which may include universal banks and specialized banks. Due to the legal form of activity, banks are divided into state-owned banks, cooperative banks and banks in the form of joint-stock companies. SKOK should not be a bank. Many people confuse JUMPS with banks, but in reality they are not.


The central bank is an institution that responds are the functioning of the entire banking system

central bank is an institution that responds are the functioning of the entire banking system

It is her task to conduct the current monetary policy of the entire country. A central bank may be independent of the state, i.e. it may exist by itself and choose individual goals and tools, as well as a bank that is dependent on the state. Such state-dependent banks are called government banks. The central bank in Poland is the Rose Bank.

The next bank is the universal bank. It is a bank that performs banking activities that are permitted by law, and its activities are not profiled, which means that there is no specific profile of activity. In Europe, a significant number of banks belong to universal banks.


Special offers targeted at customers

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We also have special banks. Such banks have special offers targeted at customers. They have a limited scope of activity. Usually either their activities focus on a given territory or a given industry. That is why we have, among others, construction banks or agricultural banks. Cooperative banks are quite popular. This is one of the bank’s legal forms of activity, which is included in Polish banking law. It has similar activities as joint-stock companies and state-owned enterprises. SKOKI can also be defined as a cooperative, but at the same time they are not a bank. The cooperative banks’ headquarters are in Brussels.

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