Know The Following Things Before Making A Credit Card

Credit cards are payment aids that can be said to be prevalent because they are widely used by Indonesian people. Not only common, but credit cards today have also become part of the lifestyle of most people. The lucrative advantages and conveniences make people interested in making and using credit cards as payment aids to meet their life’s needs and desires.

The process offered when you want to make a credit card is also relatively easy. You just need to go to the bank you are going to, bring the required documents and fill in the requested data. Another easy way is when you go to a shopping center and find a bank that offers credit card making, don’t hesitate to apply for a credit card. Not surprisingly, the fact that each time credit card users in Indonesia continue to increase and increase. However, before applying for a credit card, it’s a good idea to further understand the advantages and disadvantages of a credit card as a consideration.


Come on, see the following credit card shortcomings and advantages!

Credit Card Advantages


1. Easy Making Process

1. Easy Making Process

As with the discussion above, making a credit card is indeed very easy. With a KTP, NPWP, and other personal data, you can already get a credit card in a few days. Many people are also tempted by offers from banks that often offer credit card making in shopping centers. If so, is it hard to refuse?


2. Many attractive promos

Banks offering credit cards usually attract customers by providing lots of attractive promos. Not only promos, lots of shopping discounts, rewards, points, and cashback given to customers. In fact, Indonesians really like these things, so many are interested in making credit cards because they are tempted by promos and discounts that are constantly being intensified.


3. Facilitate Transactions Abroad

4. Shop now, Pay Later

If you are someone who likes traveling, especially abroad, you might need to consider making a credit card. With the credit card when you are abroad, all transactions that you want to do abroad will feel easier, safer and more efficient than having to pay using cash to minimize the possibility of a bad happening. Cash is more dangerous and risky when traveling around, especially in large quantities. Because of course we are not sure how the security situation in the country you are headed for traveling.


4. Shop now, Pay Later

One of the points that most people are interested in making credit cards is this point. Credit card owners can shop easily with a predetermined maximum limit, and pay the bill in the following month. Sounds interesting right? Moreover, the maximum credit card limit is generally quite high, so you can use a credit card to shop for various things because of the large selection of merchants who have provided credit card payment methods.


5. Helping Emergency Needs

5. Helping Emergency Needs

When you run out of money and need funds to pay bills in certain circumstances or emergencies, a credit card can be the easiest and instant solution. No need to worry and panic when you need to service your vehicle tomorrow, or have to buy an impromptu house when you have no money, use a credit card and pay for the following month.

However, even though it sounds interesting and profitable, before you believe yourself to apply for making a credit card, you also need to pay attention to some of the points of weakness. Don’t let you regret it later.


Lack of Credit Cards


1. Using Flowers


Every transaction that uses a credit card is always accompanied by considerable interest. So, every item you buy, the price will be more expensive than the original price because it has been charged interest when paying the bill. The amount of interest offered varies depending on which bank you choose.


2. Minimum Transaction

credit loan

Ever felt the payment of goods using a credit card was rejected because the minimum transaction was lacking? In fact, some merchants that work with credit cards, do apply a minimum of transactions that must be fulfilled. Generally, the minimum use of credit cards that are widely used is 50 thousand to 100 thousand rupiah. If so, you can’t help but add orders or items until the minimum nominal of the transaction is fulfilled, or switch to debit card right?


3. Become Consumptive

When using a credit card as one of the payment aids, you will indirectly become a wasteful and consumptive person. How not, just by swiping the card, entering a pin or signature, you can already buy the items you want. Even more interesting and trapping, the credit card limit offered by banks is very high, and some even reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. No wonder when in the end many people who use credit cards find it difficult to pay the bills the following month because of too many transactions.


4. Prone to Breaking

4. Prone to Breaking

It’s so easy, credit cards can be used anytime and anywhere, even if you are not careful. When making transactions with a credit card, you can choose two choices, namely by entering a pin or using a signature. This becomes very vulnerable when bad possibilities occur, for example when you lose your credit card. Because anyone can fake signatures and use your credit card at will.

That’s what you need to know about credit cards. The times and technology make it easier for us to make transactions and payments. Although the lure of convenience, promos, and efficiency in making transactions when tempting, you also need to carefully consider the shortcomings and dangers of using a credit card, yes. So, are you interested in making credit cards or not,

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