How to effectively detect, prevent & respond to threats with threat intelligence

The threat landscape is changing rapidly. It’s becoming incredibly challenging to effectively respond to emerging complex and advanced cyberthreats without a 360-degree view of the tactics, techniques and procedures used by threat actors. Immediate access to relevant and reliable threat intelligence (TI) makes your incident response and SOC teams more efficient and effective, arming them with the threat context required to quickly respond to cyberattacks.

In this webinar, you will see a demonstration of the incident investigation process with the help of different Kaspersky threat intelligence services. Kaspersky experts will present:

  • How to validate specific suspicious activities or artefacts
  • Analyses of the relationships between objects to see the attack spread path
  • How to get more context about observables and understand if they can be attributed to a known threat actor
  • How relevant TI context can speed up incident response process